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University of the Arts London

The Jamdani project: A journey of intergenerational and transnational learning


This photo essay illustrates the Jamdani Project, a journey of intergenerational and transnational learning through making, creating and playing. This project was initiated by the not-for-profit social innovation organisation The Muslin Trust and the Outreach Team at the London College of Fashion with funding from Awards for All and Big Lottery Fund England. The project bought together young students (aged between 16 and 18) from diverse communities across London and invited them into LCF’s fashion studios at Mare Street (in east London) to experiment and engage with sustainable fashion and textiles.


sustainable fashion, muslin, transnational, photo essay, Jamdani, luxury


Author Biography

Dr Lipi Begum

Subject Leader, Fashion Marketing and Branding, London College of Fashion


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