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University of the Arts London

‘1minuteCPD’: Connecting digital presence and professionalism through experiments in micro-learning


University staff increasingly face the challenges presented by the need to operate effectively in a complex, digitally networked environment. This study discusses micro-learning as a potentially successful vehicle to support staff in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It describes an experimental approach to training used at Manchester Metropolitan University, which led to the creation of ‘1minuteCPD’ – an open educational resource (OER) that rapidly reached wider communities beyond this institution. As a professional development resource, this blog format has potential, providing an effective mechanism that builds both digital presence and more targeted professional development and addressing the difficulties of time management faced by staff in adapting to the fast transitioning digital environments used within higher education.


micro-learning, open educational resource (OER), Continuing Professional Development, training, e-learning


Author Biography

Catherine Wasiuk

Catherine Wasiuk is a Learning Technologist (Distance Learning) at the University of Manchester. Catherine is currently developing new Masters programmes at Manchester for distance learning. She is responsible for the full scope of design including robust quality assurance processes. Catherine has a Masters in Electronic Communication and Publishing from UCL, a Postgraduate Certificate in E-learning and is a Fellow of the HEA.

Kate Soper

Kate Soper is a Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor for Manchester Metropolitan University. Kate has been working in e-learning and e-assessment for the past 11 years, with a particular interest in staff development and support. Kate has a PgCert in Online and Distance Education and is currently working towards her Masters in Academic Practice. Kate's research so far has focused predominantly on staff use of, and relationship with, the University's Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle.

Colin McAllister-Gibson

Colin McAllister-Gibson is a Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor at Manchester Metropolitan University. In addition to researching technology to facilitate teaching and learning, Colin develops staff in the Faculty of Science and Engineering in their use of Digital tools in teaching and learning. He was previously the Innovation Manager at Burnley College, leading the strategic approach of the college to Technology Enhanced Learning. He is a Fellow of the HEA and is completing a Masters in Academic Practice. 

Chris Meadows

Chris Meadows is a Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has worked in a film production background and was a Creative Trainer for Apple for a number of years before venturing into Learning Technology. He has a Masters in Academic Practice, is a Fellow of the HEA and is currently working towards a Doctorate in Education. His research interests include the use of Virtual Reality and visualising learning analytics.


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