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University of the Arts London

Talking higher education: starting a podcast during the pandemic


This case study tells the story of why and how I set up a higher education podcast during the pandemic, and its potential application to arts education. People have been making and listening to podcasts since the early 2000s. I had observed that despite there being many education podcasts, they were either based in the US or only educational technology-focused, therefore not bringing in very different perspectives on higher education. I spotted an opportunity to provide a better shared understanding of the sector. This became the key purpose of the ensuing Talking Higher Education (TalkingHE) podcast. 


Author Biography

Santanu Vasant

Santanu Vasant is Educational Developer (Reward and Recognition), working to support UAL colleagues to attain AdvanceHE Fellowship. He is a Principal Fellow of AdvanceHE, with over 17 years’ experience working in higher education in several academic development roles, including leading the University of East London and University of West London Centres for Teaching and Learning. Santanu’s area of expertise in academic development is digital education; his research interest is around the intersectionality between learning design, space and technology. Since December 2020 he has run the higher education podcast ‘TalkingHE’.