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University of the Arts London

Introducing technical Architecture digitally


Architects design art on a scale like no other medium. Big enough for people to enter and able to last over 6,000 years. Architecture requires an understanding of site and a number of technical challenges to make it a reality, from understanding the available light to incorporating a structure to hold the building up. How best to introduce first year students to university life, to architecture and to working online all at the same time? This article explores the combination of a digital ecosystem, collaboration and balancing different tools to teach large cohorts.


Author Biography

Ciaran Malik

Cíaran Malik was formerly Senior Lecturer in Technical Studies for BA (Hons) Architecture at Central Saint Martins. He is a structural engineer, teacher, and regenerative designer. He studied engineering at the University of Cambridge, trained as a teacher at the University of Buckingham and regenerative design at the Regenesis Institute. Cíaran is interested in exploring ways to improve technical teaching in architecture, especially as a way to address the climate emergency. His research into sustainable and regenerative architecture has led to projects like the Round House at the Story Garden and the Horticultural Classroom at Walworth Gardens. He specialises in low carbon design, water management and ecological integration.