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University of the Arts London

Finding your place: Preparing creative students for industry


This case study describes a transferable unit, which relates to enterprise and employability, and supports and is supported by skills developed at other times during the course.  Its implementation relies on an understanding of the course structure, and more generally effective curriculum building. Introduced in year 2, it encourages students to accumulate a knowledge of the breadth of their discipline, and to explore furthering their own stake in it.  By analysing collected data, and approaching organisations they aspire to work with, they develop their own self-image, building confidence to become independent thinkers and original designers, for their own ends.


Enterprise, Employability, Industry, Self-efficacy, Confidence, Self-image


Author Biography

Ellen Hanceri

Ellen Hanceri is LCC’s Academic Coordinator for Careers and Employability, and also a Senior Lecturer in Illustration and Print. She works with staff to open up opportunities for students to collaborate with industry and expand opportunities for their professional futures. Throughout her academic career at UAL she has continued her creative practice in printed surface design with clients such as Liberty Art Prints, Osborne and Little, Laura Ashley, White Stuff and Zoffany. Her research interests include: internationalization of the curriculum, global employability and collaborative print.


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