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University of the Arts London

Deaccessioning and reimagining: a novel approach to object-based learning


The Reimagining project provides a new way of thinking about the collections held by each of the colleges of University of the Arts London. In developing this approach to object-based learning, students from the MA Designer Maker programme at Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) were invited to work with a pool of deaccessioned material from the ‘Camberwell ILEA Collection’. Students were briefed to boldly reimagine some of the objects. The resulting work, featured in the exhibition A Narrative of Progress: The Camberwell ILEA Collection (Camberwell Space, October–September 2018), provides a provocation on the meaning of making and the value of such material within higher education.


special collections, object-based learning, deaccessioning, reimagining, making


Author Biography

Jacqueline Winston-Silk

Jacqueline Winston-Silk is a Curator based at UAL’s Archives & Special Collections Centre at London College of Communication. She is responsible for object collections including the historic Camberwell ILEA Collection and the David Usborne Collection. Jacqueline held previous roles at the University of Reading's Museums and Special Collections Service, the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture at Middlesex University, the Geffrye Museum, the Design Museum and Tate.


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