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University of the Arts London

‘Into/Out of the Box’: deconstructing the archival catalogue


The University Archives and Special Collections Centre worked with academics from London College of Communication to showcase and highlight part of our collection of alternative and underground comic books in an exhibition - Into/Out of the Box - held as part of the London Design Festival 2018. The exhibition celebrated a part of what is a significant and under-researched collection, but also aimed to foreground a critical approach to archives cataloguing and the way in which this affects archives users. It provided a catalyst for archives staff and academic staff to think about this issue, and provides a starting point for future projects on the same theme.


archives, special collections, cataloguing, exhibition, graphic narratives


Author Biography

Georgina Orgill

Georgina Orgill is the Stanley Kubrick Archivist and Assistant Manager at the University Archives and Special Collections Centre at University of the Arts London. She gained her MA in Archives and Records Management from University College London in 2015, and has worked in local authority, business and higher education archives. She is a unit tutor for MA Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins, introducing students to archival theory and cataloguing. She also works with the university’s Academic Support Online team to run workshops engaging students across UAL with archive collections.


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